Just four weeks ago, we wrote about the slightly different excitement towards our photographers’ submissions as it was not to be expected in any other way the impact of the corona crisis also had a substantial effect on the imagery. We are a bit annoyed about the topic, but we have to keep talking about it as it is a part of our life for now. As we want to come back to more regular life as soon as possible, our April submissions were flooded with images according to the corona situation. For us, it is not only mirroring the threat that is hanging over our heads but also a creative approach to our current daily life. We are delighted to see that Covid-19 did not infect the creativity of our photographers. On the contrary, you could argue that crisis and quarantine inspired many of them. The images show a clear reflection: „mask-duty,“ isolation, and distance are the predominant topics. But many photos show positive side effects of the pandemic: cohesion, togetherness (In German, we use the word „Zweisamkeit, “ meaning the togetherness of two people), and an unbroken positivity towards life. While we ponder through these images, we are confident our society will get another view on plenty of things in the course and aftermath of the pandemic – the perception of a new normal. Of course, this will affect the imagery of our photographers, and we can’t wait to see how they capture this new attitude to life.

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