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Along with classic lifestyle photography, Westend61 offers a broad range of thematic worlds, such as travel, conceptual, and food photography. In the highly competitive market for stock images in the domain of food photography, we have a number of very productive photographers who, due to their creative and extraordinary motifs, have successfully managed to stand out in the market in spite of the large availability of images. One of these is the photographer Larissa Veronesi (42) from around Tübingen.

Larissa’s path to stock photography did not begin with the common statement: “My grandpa gave me a camera when I was a kid…” Although her father, an amateur photographer, had his own darkroom and Larissa was allowed to turn over the photo paper in the fixer tray early on, it would be 25 years before she became seriously involved with the medium. In 2003, after studying medieval history and modern German literature, Larissa made her way to Italy, where after the birth of her first child, she held her very first digital camera – a Konica Minolta Dimage X31 – in her hands. It was important to her to capture all these early experiences and moments. Back in Germany three years later, she taught herself the craft of photography with her first DSLR. Impressed by her pictures, an acquaintance finally convinced her to submit her work to the Flickr portal. This was how she first came in contact with stock photography, taking part in the Getty Flickr program at the time. In 2012, she applied to Westend61 and has been practicing stock photography as a career since then.


© Larissa Veronesi/Westend61

No Friend of Frills

Larissa’s images are characterized by a clear line and a modern composition. In response to whether her time in Italy has influenced her photographs in any way, Larissa answers that she is a big fan of clear Italian design and that she enjoys incorporating this mode of design into her work. In the Veronesi home, the cooking style is mostly Italian, which makes it almost inevitable that her choice of motifs reflects a significant borrowing from Mediterranean cuisine.


© Larissa Veronesi/Westend61

But Larissa’s time in Italy in particular made her aware of that special light that she misses so much and that she continually seeks for. This special “Italian light” is also what draws her back to Lake Garda again and again, a favorite spot for creating stock photos. Her dream is to once more spend a longer period of time there and to “photograph her way through” the rich gastronomic offerings.


© Larissa Veronesi/Westend61

Available Light

Larissa achieves the natural aesthetic of her images through the exclusive use of natural light and authentic props that she has gathered over the years. The shoot itself follows almost automatically, especially since she usually already has the final concept in mind. She takes her inspiration from spontaneous visits to the marketplace, from systematic research in magazines, and by scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram on a daily basis. The last two, in her view, are optimal sites for grasping new stylistic directions or trends. Larissa’s version of the recipe for a successful stock photo consequently looks like this:

You take a food item or a dish, give it a masterful staging, add a dash of natural light, spice it with creative props and a generous portion of skill and experience, mix in the latest trends… and your perfect stock photo is complete!


© Larissa Veronesi/Westend61

Emotional images of children

In addition to the emphasis on food, Larissa’s portfolio also offers an array of cheerful and expressive children’s pictures. These images convey a markedly intimate naturalness and joy… and it’s no surprise, for Larissa prefers to photograph her own children above all. In doing so, she creates an intimacy and emotionality that’s otherwise difficult to achieve. One of the photos of her daughter has already been featured on a poster all over Germany, which naturally filled the children with pride. And because they would love to see themselves on a similar poster again, the shoots happen effortlessly and with a great desire for new pictures.


Larissas daughter on a WWF poster

It remains exciting

For the future, Larissa would nevertheless like to remain true to her focus on the food genre, since this type of photo production is best suited to a family of five. But should the opportunity ever present itself to exchange an idyllic life in the countryside for the hustle and bustle of the city, then Larissa would also love to take on the lifestyle genre. Travel photography would likewise be an area that she would find incredibly alluring. So the future remains exciting!


© Larissa Veronesi/Westend61

Best home for her photographs

In her work with Westend61, what appeals most to Larissa is that she’s not just “another number,” that the interchange is very personal and direct and that her photos are disseminated worldwide through a broad distribution network. In her eyes, the individual creative and technical support is worth gold for photographers. But participating in an exclusive community of photographers is also something she greatly prizes. In this forum, Westend61 photographers can exchange ideas and discuss things with each other.

Larissa moreover looks forward every year to the joint party in Munich, where virtually every active photographer comes together to celebrate and exchange information. That’s why, in her view, Westend61 is the best home for her photographs.

In the end, all that still remains to be said is that we’re also very much looking forward to Larissa’s photos in 2017, and we wish all our readers…

Buon appetito!

For those who would like to see and read more from Larissa: She’ll be taking over our Instagram account from Monday, 16.01.2017 until Saturday, 21.01.2017 and tell us some stories about her images.