A bit of normality is gradually returning. Restrictions are being relaxed; small shops can open once more; there is toilet paper on supermarket shelves; and even disinfectant is available again.

Lightbox "Healthy at Home"

With the loosening of restrictions comes the obligation to wear masks, but after the lockdown, this is child’s play for the now pandemic-tested society. But there are still some things that are hard to get—such as yeast for baking.

Man preparing smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables at home - JRFF01204

I can tell you a little story about that. A few weeks ago, I was on the phone with a friend in Hamburg who was desperately looking for yeast so she could bake a pizza for her son, but she couldn’t find any yeast in the supermarkets in her neighborhood. 

Germany, Munich, Girl sitting at table with green apple - FSF000177

So I tried a health food store about a mile farther north, but I was also unsuccessful. But the helpful cashier was clever and called his colleague in the next store—bull’s eye, there was yeast! So he sent me there and told me to report to the cashier. So far, so good…

Young woman holding pan with vegan pasta dish - VABF01185

The cashier in the second branch asked me with an analytical glint in his eye: “You’re the one wanting the yeast?” “I’m the one wanting the yeast.” He headed for the back of the store, and I followed him, thinking the good man would lead me to the appropriate shelf. But holy cow: In the back of the store, he made a sharp right turn and disappeared behind a curtain. Half a minute later, he turned up again, holding a single packet of yeast and casually remarking, “It’s only 12 Euros.” I felt like I was making a deal for stolen goods… But, long story short, my friend’s son got a decent pizza—and I got one weird story to tell.

A few weeks later, I am sitting here in front of a Lightbox on the subject of “Healthy at home.” It’s full of beautiful photos of healthy and tasty food as inspiration for the quarantine cooks among us. What does this have to do with yeast and restocking toilet paper? First of all, the lockdown has apparently turned many people into hobby bakers, which explains the shortage of yeast. And this shortage is also an indicator that we have not yet returned to normal, but rather at best to a “different” normal. Of course, the economy needs to be stimulated again, but the edict “stay at home” still applies because we are not out of the woods yet. Even though more and more people are now wearing masks, we still have to keep our distance.

Rainbow salad bowl with carrots, lettuce, avocado, millet falafel and Moroccan mint tea - SBDF03198

And if you also have trouble getting yeast, just get inspired by all the crunchy fruits and vegetables in these colorful photos and prepare something healthy at home that is also nice to look at—a feast for the eyes! Your body and immune system could use it now. Look at me: in the end, I didn’t get any of that pizza but instead treated myself to a salad at home. In this sense: I wish you further tolerable and happy social distancing—and bon appetit!

Lightbox "Healthy at Home"