The year is 2020, year zero in the Corona time calculation. The whole world is facing a blockade caused by a pandemic. Well, not entirely… One small agency of indomitable Westendlings still holds out against the invader. The creativity of our photographers is unbroken, and the stream of content is flowing as ever with impressive images. The only difference is that we are all in our home office.

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In the past weeks, we covered the Corona situation by speaking to our photographers. We asked them how they are holding up. Today we want to give you an outlook on the good times that will come back once the situation has cleared. The time „BC“ – „Before Corona“ is irretrievable, and a new chapter „AC“ – „After Corona“ is about to start. After every nightmare, there is an awakening and a new dawn. So, today we would like to show the good awaiting us: beautiful photo productions in thrilling locations, and more than two models in a room and on one picture. Of course, there will be a colorful diversity of images again. Today we present you some of the best 2020 productions so far in a highlight lightbox.

Happy family in sunroom at home - KNSF07075


The Kniel-Synnatzschke duo is known to be very productive. That is why we have some more of their work in this feature. We start with beautiful at-home production fitting into the current situation but also the hope of turning back to regular life as soon as possible.

Portrait of smiling young brunette woman - KNSF06943

When we were still able to walk around freely, the two have done a stylish business production. We love the location.

Senior couple camping in garden of their home at night - GUSF03096

And once more Kniel Synnatschke but this time as part of the Gustafsson-Kollektivs, collective, which also features our photographer Julius Gnoth. And again, they are moving within contemporary imagery. Since we are not able to experience adventurers anywhere in the world right now, it is our homes that are the territory of our expeditions. This senior couple shows us how camping out in there garden and experiencing their own little micro-adventure.

Colleagues working in architect's office, woman having conference call - SODF00204

Petal to the metal – or better said, Shutterfinger. Sofie Delauw started full-gas into her Westend61 career and brightens our day with this office production. The color selection makes us very happy.

Daniel Ingold for his high-quality industrial productions. His latest submission is excellent documentation of a high tech manufacturing site in his typical structured and clean style.

UUF19887 - Young businessman in wheelchair showing laptop to colleagues in office

The name Uwe Umstätter stands for quality like no other. This year he impressed us with a well thought through diversity office production.

ZEDF02802 - Businesswoman holding model car at desk in office

And another relaxed office production which we really like for its colors. This one was handed in by Zeljko Dangubic.

Next to these examples, you can find many more highlight productions in our lightbox. We are sure the next submissions will emphasize somewhat different features. Currently, we receive many indoor and home photos, which, of course, is due to the corona situation. But there are also older productions coming in which our photographers did not have the time to edit before. Now they found time in their home offices. Let’s await those new colorful productions with joy while looking at the first highlights of 2020.

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