Flashback to childhood: We run together with friends through the forest, to this very specific spot. Nearby, a stream splashes, and the trees have gathered around a small clearing. This is the exact magical place: stick by stick, little by little, the nest, the cave, the hangout are formed. The command center for discoveries and adventures that housed so many of us in our early years.

To Lightbox "urban spaces"

Pan to today: Our children are still drifting around in the homemade caves in the woods and firing up their spirit of discovery. However, new adult communities have emerged, looking for little adventures away from everyday life within the big cities. This is called urban exploration.

Roofing and Urbexing

As the many urban expeditions are diverse, the appetites for risk of many Urban Explorers also differ. Probably the most spectacular form, which unfortunately also causes a stir due to many accidents, is roofing. These adventures are more like extreme sports, because here mostly young roofers climb onto high buildings, without any safety devices, to accompany them with the camera, to discover the urban infrastructure from unusual and new perspectives. Corresponding videos receive millions of clicks on Youtube and Vimeo. Russia can be described as the birthplace of the sport, as the discovery expeditions, which guarantee sweaty hands and an adrenaline rush, are very popular here.

The usual Urbexers approach their expeditions a little more calmly, but they’re no less risky. Most of the time, they don’t go to dizzying heights, but they like to go to abandoned rooms, aptly called Lost Spaces. These often include construction ruins and empty buildings, old bunkers and catacombs, as well as sewers and underground train tunnels. In addition to discovery and the accompanying documentation, the experience of an authentic historical atmosphere is in the foreground. The documentation often outlines the contrast between wildness and decay and modern urban investment and order.

Instawalks and stock photography

As with so many photography trends, the Instagram community is finding its way into urban exploration. With Instawalks or InstaMeets, motifs are captured together in the urban environment, which are later given appropriate hashtags and uploaded. These meetings are mainly used for exchange within the community and to create synergies between the individual user profiles.

Our photographers also regularly go on expeditions into the urban jungle. They skillfully showcase the interplay of glass, steel, and concrete. It is the graphic possibilities offered by the city especially, which make this type of photography so unique. Our Creative Department is very impressed by the wide range of possibilities for human interaction with the static urban environment.
We have therefore compiled a selection of some of our favorite motifs in a Lightbox.