On May 9th, 2018 we took a view behind the curtains of a Westend61 production in a small studio in Cologne. The master of the ceremony was Florian Küttler adding to his already beautiful portfolio of contemporary lifestyle productions. He was not the only one behind the lens. Our Art Director Michael Kopal did not worry about shutter speed too much though as he was more concerned about framerates this time catching the production on tape.

Nine months later we present the results of the production in our shop. You could think that is a pretty long time and you’re right about that. After the SD cards are entirely filled with pics, our work only just begins. When we get all the content from our photographers all pictures enter the review, the edit and last but not least into the keywording. All those processes take their time. They are all equally important to us as we want to make sure that we only offer the best pictures to our clients and keep our webshop easy to handle.

Interaction and communication – casually

The topics of the production were interaction, communication, portraits, and activity altogether in a casual business context. In the spirit of contemporary work environments, we are used to thinking outside the box when it comes to our productions especially in places like this studio loft. So it was time to not only think but also act outside the box – indoor office golf and basketball included. This has nothing to do with procrastination or difficulty of making decisions but rather let your thoughts wander and flow with the goal of coming to conclusions and solution approaches creatively.

Indeed we had some minor problems at the setting, like the absence of a stylist. No problem as one of the models jumped right in and took on another job of the production. A real lucky pull as the models already created a good vibe before Florian even hit the shutter for the first time. Our stars obviously had a good time at work, and when you take a closer look at Michaels video, you know that Florian had a relaxed day too. That’s how we like our productions.