This billboard, that you´ll find all around Munich these days, is promoting a social-leisure-community with an image taken by Rainer Holz.  As the owner of this agency I´m for sure very happy to come across our products all the time. Nevertheless it does make me a bit thoughtful as well.

There are people out there who think, that the prizes of the images that Westend61 sell them for, are way too high. That might be clients, that are used to microstock-prices, and that also might be photographers, who submit their images to microstock-agencies only. So this billboard is only one example out of many that show, how valuable the right image is at the right time in the right place. In the end, as opposed to a customized shooting, the client will save a lot of money – and time!

An image showing six cheerful friends while having a barbecue you don´t take with your smartphone just like that. You need some good pre-production, the models don´t come for free and it also won´t be enough to show up with a regular flashlight. If the client had this image custom-made, he would have paid a well four-digit amount of money and it had taken him much longer until the posters were ready. That proofs: Westend61 offers great quality at reasonable prices and it´s a paradise for demanding customers.