Creative Director Martine Präßl

Last friday, all Westend61 photographers, who regularly work with our art director Michael Kopal in Cologne, had a blast: there was exciting input and helpful exchange of information in the studio of Rainer Holz. Creative Director Martine Praessl of Westend61 presented the most important photo trends for 2017, explaining which visual ideas and visual languages ​​are currently promising. Nico of KNSY Kniel Synnatzschke also gave a very interesting lecture on image processing – so colleagues could learn from colleagues.

With some beer, wine and pizza the new impulses have been discussed afterwards. “It was a great evening, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of people,” ​​Gerald Staufer confirms. “Although photographers are professionally individualists, we have managed to create a community at Westend61 that helps and maintains mutual support. Together we are strong – this is not just an empty phrase, but this is lived.”

Peter Scholl (m.), Sebastian Mölleken (l.) and Rainer Holz (r.)

Nico Synnatzschke (l.) and Matthias Drobeck (r.)

Christoph Kniel in conversation with Dirk Moll

Art Director Michael Kopal (m.) with Florian Küttler (l.) and Jo Kirchherr (r.)

Steve Brookland (l.) and Julia Haack (r.)

Uwe Umstätter (l.) in discussion with CD Martine Präßl (m.) und CEO Gerald Staufer (r.)

Dorothee Broeckelmann from Westend61 in conversation with Roger Richter