While some are still handling the new challenges of working from home while taking care of the education of their children, others already adapted and have a perfectly functioning home office up and running.

We all realize that Social Distancing is an exertion. We, as social beings, are not used to creating an artificial distance between each other. It stresses us. This is why the exchange of energy through communication is more critical than ever. We permanently meet people online and stay in permanent dialogue with our photographers through a Facebook Community. It puts us in a good mood, and in contrast to social distancing, we swoop in a bit of „Worry Distancing.“ There is no more natural way to do so than through music. So here is the first Westend61 Spotify Playlist put together by our photographers and Team.

MASF14612 - Woman working on laptop while sitting with family in kitchen at home

Nadine Reichardt – Content Development
Ÿuma – Smek (Rey & Kjavik Remix)

Martine Praessl – Creative Director
The World Retreats – David O’Dowda

Milan Radulovic – Photographer
Manchester Orchestra – The Silence

Father sat at home with his son on his mobile and laptop - CAVF69168
Christiane Keller – Head of Keywording
Die Cello-Sonaten von Bach

Kristian Peetz – Marketing
Panic! at the Disco – High Hopes

Saihttam Reholrebo – Photographer
Paul Kalkbrenner – Azure

Woman in office taking notes with laptop and wind turbine model on table - GIOF06431
Gerald Staufer – Managing Director
Gloria Gaynor – I will survive

Sabine Kroll – Administration & Finances
Jovanotti – Nuova Era

Alba Vitta – Photographer
B.J. Smith – Hey Ya!

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Mareike Zander – Art Director & Editor
Swing Thing – Boogie Belgique

Hannes Eichinger – Photographer
U2 – Beautiful Day

Oliver Marquardt – International Sales
Fools Garden – Lemon Tree

Casual businessman with daughter using laptop in office - KNSF07471

Retales Botijero – Photographer
Cigarettes after Sex – Dreaming Of You

Ellen Schmidt – Head of Sales
Billy Fury – Gonna type a letter

Anna Mensa – Photographer
José González – Stay Alive

Young man sitting in living room, using digital tablet - PESF01782

Eloisa Ramos Rivera
Agnes Obel – Riverside

Anette Götz – Photographer
Faithless – Insomnia

Young man working with laptop at home office - EBSF000657

William Perugini – Photographer
AC/DC – It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll)

Siri Vorbeck – Art Director
Average White Band – Cut the Cake

Sebastian Bentzin – Marketing
Tussilago – Circles