We are currently in the third week of „staying at home.“ The times of instructing others seem to be over as most people are staying in their homes or are forced to do so. For better or worse, we have to make friends with the imposed orders of protection. As we are still allowed outside, the current restrictions leave us with no other possibility than staying at home. 

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We, at Westend61, hope to use the time as useful as possible. If you can let your thoughts wander from your home desk instead of having to go to a workplace to do your job, make up your mind on how to help to improve the situation around you. In a way, we owe it to the people in system-relevant positions.

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We see ideas popping up coming from people that are directly affected the lockdowns. They work intensely on creative solutions to keep our everyday life up running as pleasant as possible. In essence, small business owners sell their products via Instagram and deliver them straight to your home on the same day. In other places, apparel companies switch their productions to face masks for the public to help to flatten the curve of the spreading coronavirus.

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We are sure to hear a lot of smart ideas from home-based think tanks all over the world in the coming weeks. We at Westend61 permanently make up our minds on how to improve the situation and help the people around us. 

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We don’t just do that from our laptops but from the kitchen, in digital hangouts with our coworkers and friends and the garden – it is spring by the way! In our „stay at home“ lightbox, you can find some inspiration for your time at home. Maybe it might even help you to come up with helpful ideas.

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