Today we welcome you to Austria, where the team of Epiximages is located. Epiximages consists of Hannes Eichinger and his wife, Michi. We digitally sat down for a brief talk about life at home.

Hey Hannes, please tell us where you live and how long are you at home already?

Hey everyone, we are the Eichingers: my wife Michi, our ten year old daughter Hanna, seven year old Ben and myself, Hannes. We live in a small village in lower Austria. In our closest surroundings there are our beloved garden, a few lovely neighbors and the Wienerwald. For us, this is day 14 of staying at home.

14 days is a long time. How are you holding up?

From day 1 on we try to implement a regularity into our daily procedures. Of course, it is a little different now that the kids are home all the time. While working as a freelance graphic designer on the side, Michi takes care of the home schooling, thinks about future shootings and takes home-photos as well. 

I am used to work from home before Corona as I did it before Corona already, meaning I don’t have to adjust a lot but the lack of commercial commissions. Therefore I mainly focus on editing shots I have done before and expanding my stock portfolio.

Do you produce content at the moment?

Well, we take the situation as it comes but in no way it is a reason to stop creating. There is the family, the kids, our dog, our home, the garden, plenty motifs to choose from. 

We have a little in-house studio that we can use to produce some content. Let’s see how long the kids are cool with being the models 🙂 For now it works well if we do short sessions with them. This way it’s fun for all of us.

What inspires you these days?

We are inspired by the same things as always: media, commercials, family, the Westend61 Inspires 😉 and the usual obvious things. At the moment everything revolves around the virus. I guess, we have to think about the things that clients will look for once this situation is over or at least in control and daily life gets back towards normal. Topics like family, friendship and health will be the big players for some time.