After we already interviewed Julius Gnoth and Katharina Mikhrin about their life with the corona restrictions, we want to focus once more on North-Rhine Westphalia. The conurbation is almost always part of the pandemic talks. It has been the first region where many infections happened. 

The photographers of the Joseffson-Kollektiv are all living in the area. It was time for us to call Christoph Kniel, Niko Synnatzschke and Sebastian Mölleken aka Robijn Page in person of our social media manager Sebastian Bentzin and ask about their wellbeing.

Once the chat was up and running, we had a lovely lockdown talk, including a spontaneous digital shooting. For us, it seems the three photographers have their minds in the right place, taking care of their families first and trying to keep being productive within the recommended health guidelines. 

They told us about the daily struggles and how they stay fit in mind. It was a pleasure talking to the three. Thanks, guys, and next time we’ll hopefully meet under different circumstances.