We have a saying in German: Don’t keep travelers from their journey. It is the travelers that focus their life on curiosity. They go out into the world and mostly come back with a bunch of exciting stories to share with their friends. In a way, they are messengers of freedom. Travelers are those that close gaps between cultures. They follow their own rhythm detached from all things listening to their inner desires and are full of self-confidence.

Julius Gnoth, aka Gustafsson, is one of those travelers. Through his Instagram account @juliusgnoth_travel, he documents his journeys, which we follow with the same excitement as his Westend61 commissions.

But, what happens when you keep travelers from their journeys. In our #westend61stayshome series, we talk to our photographers who are situated all over the world about their current situation. We asked ourselves what „Wanderlust-Julius“ is doing these days.

So we caught up with him and asked about how things are at home. To our Social Media Manager Sebastian Bentzin, he offered some insights into the creative community he and his girlfriend are living in.