Not only because of their job, our photographers spread out over the globe but because of their homes. Our network is at home in the whole world. In the past two weeks, we already received reports from Germany, Italy, Russia, Serbia, and Austria. Now it’s Letizia Haessig’s turn. The Suisse native tells us about her daily life.

Hey everyone, this is Letizia from Zurich, Suisse. This is the third week of staying home together with my roommate. We try to organize our day around what is announced as best for the people, being home, and only going outside if we really have to. I hope things will get back to normal quickly if everyone sticks to this behavior.

On the one hand, I enjoy this time in which nothing takes place. There is no fear of missing out these days, and I can take care of many things that I had on pause. On the other hand, I am worried, of course. Many of my commissions have been canceled. Most of my jobs are wedding gigs, and therefore I am awaiting significant cuts in profits.

Other than that, I have a pretty normal life right now as not much as changed. I am used to working from home, and I don’t deal with boredom yet. There are plenty of projects and to-dos, like updating my homepage, listening to podcasts, and reading books. Another project is the podcast that I am working on together with a friend. When the first episode is out, I will let you know.

At the moment, I am not producing, which is kind of on purpose. Once a year, I have a period where I give my cameras into service and take a break from shooting and editing. I chose to do that at this time. Therefore I currently focus on planning shootings for safer times.

Even though times are tough, they are inspiring. I am 100% sure a lot of people will come out of this episode with excellent ideas. There will be new possibilities. Especially in the photo community, there is a strong sense of helping each other out. There is a lot of positivity, and people honor and support each other. I love it, and it gives me confidence.