Today we here from Saint Petersburg, Russia, where our photographer Vasily Pindyurin Vasily Pindyurin lives with his family. The crisis did not change much so far as he is used to working from home. Well, now there is his son sitting on the desk next to him.

Like many other photographers, I am used to working at home. The crisis did not change much other than I maybe spend even more time working. I stopped planning my shootings for the nearer future, as the crisis is slowly spreading over the country as we see it happening everywhere right now. People are starting to get sick, and we do everything we can to help to slow the spreading down.

Ever since my day still starts early in the morning as I keep the usual routine. 7 am, that is. We have a dog that we have to talk outdoors at least twice a day. After the morning walk, I join my wife doing yoga, and then we have our usual family breakfast.

Mostly my days are filled with retouching and thinking about shooting ideas for the future. I homeschool our son, a new situation to adapt too. We do plenty of things together, of course. Therefore we did a little shoot while making pizza.

In this time, I am inspired by the flood of creative content and general creativity popping up all around the globe. It is heartwarming to see people staying positive and humorous in this critical time. Also, I love to see the Westend61 Instagram and my colleagues being featured on it. It’s good to know what other people are doing. It keeps the world turning, and I am happy about it.

I wish for all of us to be strong, be calm, and, most of all, healthy!