There are photoshoots where the briefing is strictly adhered to; concepts are consistently implemented and displayed clearly and visibly. Everything is planned and timed, the production process runs like clockwork, and the end product meets the eagerly awaited specifications. Everybody is happy and turns to the next project: as professionals do! That’s the usual procedure.

But then there are photo shoots, especially those forced by a congenial combination of photographer and model, where it’s already clear in the run-up to the shoot that it will go a bit “off script.” The latest example is our photographer Jo Kirchherr and model Jean Michel, whom we have often welcomed in Westend61 productions. The great thing about Jean Michel is that he’s like a chameleon, giving the cool businessman or the supposedly childish idiot with the push of a button, just as the photographer would like. Since the latter characteristics are also reflected in his personality, the combination of Florian and Jean Michel was made to be a little more unusual and deliver a production loaded with humor.

To Lightbox "work is fun"

Styrofoam snow in the agency kitchen

A specification by Art Director Michael Kopal had to be stringently implemented. There was no way around it. That is to say: The snowboard motif with snow made of polystyrene beads had to be simple. Michael wasn’t thanking himself during the sweeping up, but now he is very satisfied with this motif.

The lounge and kitchen of the agency, which kindly provided space, offered the ideal location for this production, as all the wood created a warm environment. Humor in a cold, bare environment? That would be absurd.

Mature businessman holding cell phone attached to cloud balloon - FMKF05447

Good briefing, always a worthwhile investment

Ah, yes, there was something else…the magic word…a concept! There was that, too, because after all, you can’t do without it. Anyone who has looked at the photos will have surely guessed: working in the cloud, healthy food, and virtual reality were discreetly anchored in an extremely charismatic production. The end result was humorous photos that made us in the editorial office and in the art department smile. More, please!