We are used to photographers that always give 100% while working on their productions. Our well-trained editor eyes can spot this in a second, looking at so many submissions. But sometimes focus comes with a mind drifting apart a bit and letting the subconscious take over. Sometimes that’s the key to extraordinary work that results from a trance-like condition. Some people fall back into hearing songs inside their heads or have other ingenious tricks to expand their state of mind. When we are in that state, we might end up with thoughts we would not come up within our all-day life. 

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That’s probably what Florian Küttler experienced during one of his latest shoots as he handed in a production report that left us with questions when we first read it. After we let it sink in for a bit, it seemed like pure logic. Of course, we want to present that interesting report to you. Et voilà!

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At first sight, image producers and stockbrokers don’t have much in common, but I can’t entirely agree. Both are highly creative: one in the visual conception and the other on paper and by finding the best possible deals. What seems far-fetched explains itself while taking a closer look at the according to markets and the work results. Both own a portfolio being the foundation of their work.  

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Of course, photographers do not invest in branches, but they invest thematically in lifestyle, medicine, family, sports, and so on. You get the point. In my opinion a production functions in the same way as funds. Instead of single stocks, they contain images, and some of them perform better than others, some worse. According to market developments, these relations can change in a heartbeat. Risks should be balanced, and earnings should have a positive contribution margin.

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Both image producers and investors are in a permanent state of analysis. Photographers are always looking for hot topics and the current must-have imagery and development of trends. The same goes for the investor that must look at so many different markets and therefore needs to have a broad general knowledge. Both must know where investment is promising and where better not to gamble. 

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Working on my current Westend61 production, I tried to create a top-performer, the all-in-one photographic Swiss army knife suitable for every purpose. A production that is generic on the one hand but does not leave an art buyer yawning on the other. I wanted it to look fresh and light without seeming sterile. It should enhance business and lifestyle elements embodied by young adults and best agers at the same time. 

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Last but not least, it was a doubleheader as we also shot video on set. When you consider that my team and I did all of this in a time frame of 5 hours in a café during business hours, you might guess that it was quite the challenge to take on.

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So besides a good “stockbroker,” it took and organizational talent that had a thing for every detail that needs to be covered. I was happy to once again work with the creative weather- and production-guru Michael Kopal. He pushed me in the direction of the storyboard every once in a while during the production. While keeping track of everything we planned before the production, he is very good at all the “have you seen this “and “let’s try that “possibilities that pop up on set. I am confident this ambitious project turned out to be a smart investment.

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