Yellow crane against blue sky - MMAF00123 - Michael Malorny/Westend61

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Crane in backlight - FRF00518
Germany, Bavaria, Geretsried, construction site, crane against the sun - LHF00585
Germany, construction machines - LAF02044
Germany, Duesseldorf, - VIF000431
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Germany, Berlin, cranes at construction site - CMF000285
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Switzerland, Basel, front of an office tower - HLF01007
Germany, Hamburg, cranes on construction site - KRPF001378
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Part of a crane at construction site - ZEF12410
Construction of a residential house, assembling of the roof - FKF000364
Hydraulic lift - INGF04376
Crane on construction site - ZEF12411
Germany, Bavaria, Munich, Construction area with tower crane - EDF000026
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, construction site - THAF001366
Crane and wooden beams - FK000359
Germany, Hamburg, construction machines at roadworks - KRPF001377
Germany, Augsburg, Crane operating on construction site - WBF000055
Germany, Stuttgart, construction site of new office building - WDF003604
Industrial Crane - MINF10643
South Africa, Cape Town, city view with Lion's Head - RUNF00179
Germany, Baden Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart, Construction cranes against sky - WDF001593
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