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Once Upon a Time: View Cameras, Polaroids, E6 Processing

Anke Huber and Uwe Stark-Huber are a team, both privately and professionally, and they have been working for more than 20 years together with photo agencies. They had their start in the analog age, using film and a manual SLR camera. Back then view cameras, Polaroids and E6 processing were part of a photographer’s everyday life.  Slides were sent off through the post, with the hopes that they’d appear into the printed catalogs of Stockmarket, Zefa, Corbis or Image Source.

When the first digitally created ads began to appear in magazines, Anke and Uwe recognized that the future was going digital. So accompanied by the ‘pizza box’, a nickname they’d given to their old venerable Power Macintosh 6100, plus a heavy 70 kilo drum scanner and Photoshop Version 3.0, they began their own journey into the digital era.


(alle Bilder © Huber-Starke/Westend61)

Today, Uwe and Anke’s portfolio is a substantial and persuasive representation of everything that can be done with 3D renderings. They draw inspiration and ideas for their creations from a variety of sources, such as movies, advertising, Instagram, Pinterest, exhibits or just by consciously taking in the environment around them. There isn’t much fixed planning concerning images and subjects, Anke and Uwe prefer to let most of their ideas develop spontaneously. However, the detailed information they receive from Westend61 including market analysis and trends does play a critical role in their productions. Anke says, “The magazine Inspire and the personal briefings given by the Creative Team are indispensable when considering which direction to take with our next images.”

So is that as uncomplicated as it sounds?

Even if the total process leading up to a finished image is a long and labor-intensive one, the first step for producing a 3D image is always the same: they start their software and find themselves looking at an empty edit view. Yet in their heads, there is already a firm idea of what the finished image will look like. The next steps taken in the work process differ somewhat for Anke and Uwe, since each has their own workflow, ideas and preferences. In somewhat simplified terms, they always begin with the construction of an object, adjustment of the camera, creation of the required textures and the setup for the lighting.  The final step in the process is the rendering. What sounds quite straightforward here is actually the result of many years of experience, patience and impressive know-how.

© Huber-Starke/Westend61

The best, yet at the same time, most difficult thing about 3D is that there are no limits!”

Those visual boundaries which every photographer usually has to struggle with – space restrictions, lighting conditions which are dependent on the time of day and season, optical rules and the laws of physics– none of them matter anymore. There are no such limits in 3D. In fact, it even opens up a wide range of new possibilities: unique perspectives, ample locations without spatial limitations, furniture and objects which would be extremely difficult or even impossible to create, realization of your own designs… with 3D, you can achieve it all. 3D is taking things a step further from where classical photography left off, and in the resulting images, the border between what’s real and what’s fantasy is no longer discernible.

© Huber-Starke/Westend61

This has brought about 3D images which present a new kind of reality: one which has been realistically re-created down to the smallest detail, without ever having existed in the real world. Anke and Uwe take a lean and minimalistic approach in their style. They want their unique images to deliberately set themselves apart from traditional photography while demonstrating the possibilities 3D creations offer. For Westend61, that means even more exciting and extraordinary images will be on their way!

Why is Westend61 the right place for your images?

If Westend61 would be an image, then they would choose following keywords:

innovative / good marketing / creative support / togetherness / kind / readily available staff/ familial / transparent / creative freedom / clear communication

We’re honored by such nice feedback! We’d also like to say that their images, which seem so magical and imaginative, yet at the same time so realistic, well-thought out and elaborated with a high level of detail, have an integral place among the images we offer. Plus, we’re looking forward to receiving many more 3D creations from the team of Huber-Starke!

Click here to view Anke and Uwe’s portfolio.

If you’d like to find out more about Anke & Uwe’s 3D images, stop by and check out our Instagram account. They’ll be taking over our stream  from Monday, 06.03.2017 until Saturday, 11.03.2017 and sharing more about their images with us.