We don’t have to point out another time that March 2020 has been somewhat special. We see it everyday out on the street. That means, if we can go there in the first place. Anyway, we would like to talk a little about business as usual as we also had plenty of beautiful usage cases in the past month. We noticed many smiling men in the pictures. We can’t say that we don’t like that. Here you go: the best usages cases of March.

Photographer: Florian Küttler
Client: Vodafone

FKF02545 - Two architects with blueprint standing on a bridge in the city

Photographer: Uwe Umstätter
Client: Maturity

Two businessmen discussing in office - UUF11855

Photographer: Kniel Synnatzschke
Client: heidelpay

Businessman standing on balcony, smiling - KNSF02858

Photographers: Steve Brookland
Client: Netgear

Extended family sitting on couch, using mobile devices - SBOF00524

Photographer: Francesco Morandini
Client: McGraw-Hill

Smiling young man with smartphone, backpack and coffee to go sitting on the ground - FMOF00293

Photographer: Rainer Berg
Client: UBS

Mature man relaxing on couch at home looking out of window - RBF06489