Modern business, fun at work, working mum, work-life-balance, creativity, virtual reality, young globalists, and Lohas: that’s what the briefing for the new Richárd Bellevue production might have looked like.

In the early morning hours of last autumn the photographer, a small production team and a small family met at the shooting location based in Cologne. The rooms of this beautiful office are usually inhabited by designers, engineers, directors, producers, musicians and a bunch of other creatives. It’s a real melting pot for creativity and the ideal setting for a production that could very well be titled as diverse.

Photographers are the best models

How do you get an elaborate briefing like the one we’re looking at on the right track when it seems to be very demanding to photographer and models? Simple solution: work with professionals! Richárd got Christoph Kniel, as in Kniel Synnatzschke, on board for the production. He’s not only a pro behind the camera but already made various good impressions in front of the lens. Model Sissy and her son Fritz joined the party to complete the team. According to Richárd Christoph is ready to take on every kind of „nonsense“ as a matter of course which helped to create a very laid back atmosphere on set.

As you can see the models personify the „Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability“ pretty good but also the business and young globalist looks that were demanded by the briefing. This way Richárd could playfully switch between serious and more laid back visual approaches. Turns out we love the contrast of the whole production: Christoph the businessman has a coffee while sporting the thoughtful look and next to him his wife poses in a unicorn costume with her child on her arms. Totally contrary but at the same time matching and authentic.

Chief Business-Punk bikes in the office

The playful handling of the briefing really turned this production into something else, and so does the role reversal which is performed without any stumbling or irritations in the outcome. When Christoph was the severe and smart businessman in the one take the bikes through the office or wears a feather headdress and virtual reality goggles at the same time in the next one. In the meantime, his wife embodies the more classical motherhood. In the end, we are looking at a lovely and well thought through production – well done.