I need to be outside, to see the sea. In my memories, I sailed the dutch Ijsslemeer as I did so often with my dad – cold and rough. My phone rings, and it’s my Dad on the other end – “How about a trip to Croatia? One week of sailing on the Adriatic Sea.” To be honest, I did not have to think twice. The crew was ready, and so was I.

The catamaran was quickly packed with eight people and a lot of food, setting sails from Trogir sailing up north. At dusk, we arrived at Zirje, our first destination. There is just a restaurant and nothing else. The menu has two dishes – fish or meat. Everything was served from the grill with fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes. So simple yet so good.
After two glasses of wine, the combination of a cozy cabin and the soft waves of the bay is heaven on earth. In the distance, I hear thunderstorms as I fall into a deep and calm sleep.

The following days are alike as we anchor in Šibenik, Tisno, Primosten and finally Split. A special memory developed from a lull somewhere between Tisno and Primosten. The crew was reading on board or playing cards under the deck. I prepared lunch: a panfish with fried potatoes and bacon. Fresh cut garlic mixed with the scents of suncream and the salty Mediterranean sea – a status of complete contentment. I prepare the table and realize the upcoming breeze. Let’s eat quick and set sails under clear blue skies.

It’s those simple stories of the sea we adore so much. Stories of community, width, culinary adventures and lingering with oneself. The passion for the sea is often passed on over generations.

At her new outdoor production Johanna Lohr surely hat a story of cohesion and togetherness in mind. Together with a small family, the production team had a beautiful day at the Tegernsee based close to our residence in Munich. It’s not the Adria, but it is beautiful. Find all pictures of the production in our webshop.