Green is the color of hope and confidence. One explanation lies within the fact that green is the color of spring and even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once stated during the change of seasons: „yesterday everything was barren, while today I bath in a sea of green. So beautiful I would call it emerald green.“ Let’s agree that sounds pretty hopeful.

Physics, tenacity, and unity

Green is a color stimulus that the human eye perceives once light with a spectral distribution between 520 and 565 nanometers falls into our eyes. In the color spectrum we find green in the middle, totally neutral it lies therebetween extremes. By the way: the color conveys a comfort for our eyes. Whenever we turn our view into the greens it is never exhausting for our eyes – it even strengthens them for further impressions. Maybe that’s why everyone wants to be on the path into a greener future.

All is possible: even turning green with envy.

Green can show us another side of itself. Whenever we are pale, our skin tends to shimmer in a light green tone and when we grudge someone something we turn green with envy. The Brothers Grimm characterized the term „bilious green“ in one of their stories, and even Superman turns human whenever he faces the green Kryptonite.

Green beauty

We admire green color in photography because it usually means we are outside. Green is fresh, full of life and sustainable. We follow a couple hiking through the forest and get an appetite while looking at the picture of a green avocado-kiwi-shake. We stare at the northern light filled with astonishment. Green just is a photo-color, and therefore we put together a lightbox for you. Enjoy this colorful bouquet in blazing green.