Despite encountering many images in an agency on a daily basis, you can often still remember a particular image when you come across it again. Then there are those images which truly distinguish themselves from others, which really seem to stick with you.


© Jan Tepass/Westend61

Like this unique find from the Cologne photographer Jan Tepass.  Every time we’d look at this image, we found ourselves asking the same question, so we decided to send Jan our question:

Does somebody have a problem with Christmas?

jantepassChristmas? Not a problem! That’s just that little celebration shortly after the 21st of December, the winter solstice, when the days start becoming longer and we can start looking forward to spring. The Easter bunnies and Easter eggs will already be waiting for us again soon after the 26th of December on the store shelves.

I discovered this subject while running in the park near Route 57, in a district of Cologne called ‘Bilderstöckchen’ , which is named after a small building, but actually translates very fittingly as ‘little stock image supply’. [Editor’s note: a stock image hailing from little stock supply.] So I ran back home – in record time! – to grab my camera. Time was of the essence due to the mild Cologne weather. Shortly afterwards, the wonderful rabbit had also disappeared.

Wishing the Westend61 Team & all of my Colleagues a Merry Christmas!