Kniel Synnatzschke, the name stands for straightforward productions, often with a penchant for looseness and temporary irony. The sets of the two are always creative, so often productions are created that again and again deliver pictures outside the norm. In this case, it’s probably the “Business Boy” and “Working Wonderwoman,” who masked and equipped with laptop and latte macchiato, turn our image of the office on its head, but still with a lot of charm.

Portrait of confident businessman and woman - KNSF06347

In an inner-city cafe in Essen, Germany, the photographers from the Ruhr area lovingly implemented the topics of business lunch and networking with the help of two models. This cafe has often been used as a location, but this time they managed to make it look and feel completely different. The photos clearly bear the signature of the congenial duo: clear, tidy pictures with lots of natural light.

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The work of the future: not how, but how real will it be?

Once again, when we look at the photos, our thoughts wander to the current developments on the job market. In addition, the male model is a lateral entrant into the fashion world. Originally he comes from the business world, which hasn’t done him any good in the long run. During the shoot, even WDR shot a short feature about him. So we start to ponder the word “rethinking” and ask ourselves what and how we will actually work in the future. We already know how we work: remotely, self-directed from the home office, with flat hierarchies. This is even possible on the ICE from Hamburg to Zurich.

Businessman and woman, wearing super hero masks, pointing at camera  - KNSF06339

“Business remains business!” That’s probably carved in stone. “Business equals business,” less so. Owing to progress, in the future, more and more familiar and learned job profiles will disappear or experience a drastic drop in personnel requirements. Machines or process management will cut in rapidly. One thing is clear, a rethink is necessary. We have therefore looked into industries that will have to cope with a decline in the future and shed light on those occupations that will be in greater demand in the future.

Businessman and woman wearing super hero masks, pretending to fly  - KNSF06358

People and media, whoo! Finances and manufactories, well, a little less whoo!

The professions that will probably retire in the future all have one thing in common: They are no longer so heavily dependent on people due to the optimization of technology and digitalization. This applies above all to professions with an investment background and the production industry. A simple example is banking. While more and more online banks are establishing themselves in the financial sector of German households, the demand for bank employees is declining. Even today, you can open and manage an account securely without ever having to speak with a bank employee in real life.

Businesswoman in coffee shop, sitting on skateboard, relaxing  - KNSF06377

The printing industry also suffers from the same effect. Due to the development of paid media formats in the online sector, more and more publishing houses are focusing more on online content and less on print media. We are sure that high-quality magazines or even books will not die out, but Kindle, Apple Books, and Co. are no longer newcomers. In addition, there is the energy industry, which (hopefully) will very soon focus even more strongly on renewable energies, which is why, for example, mining could soon become obsolete.

Businessman talking on the phone  - KNSF06341

You don’t have to search for growth long, because it can be found in all sectors that have to do with technical change or the growth of society in general. The automotive industry, the electrical industry, wholesale and foreign trade, information technology, plastics processing, and tourism are just a few examples. Above all, the critics trump people and the media. These two links bind business and success, because no matter what the product or service is, in the end the goal is to bring it to men and women, and in the 21st century this is primarily done through all kinds of media.

Proud business owner flexing muscles, laughing

Job titles raising questions marks

You don’t have to be a car mechanic, car body designer, or business economist to gain a foothold in the automotive industry. Today’s economy is dotted with job descriptions that are question marks for older generations. Category, content, and feelgood managers are less tangible than bank employees. They are joined by environmental technicians and physician assistants. The list is long, but we want to focus on these 5 new professions.

Businessman and woman talking about solutions  - KNSF06342

Category Manager: Located in e-commerce, these strategic buyers are responsible for the analytical design of the selection and price structure of an online shop. Trend awareness and market research skills are required.

Businessman and woman having a meeting in a coffee shop, discussing work  - KNSF06327

Content Manager: Everyone is on the Internet today, and the Internet needs to be maintained. As soon as companies publish their own content on the Internet, they become publicists. The content manager is responsible for maintaining a company’s homepage and also does a little marketing, press, and, of course, manages the social media accounts.

Woman standing in front of her coffee shop, holding icecream sign  - KNSF06397

Feelgood Manager: Something very special, which can be found primarily in modern start-ups and advertising agencies. In innovative times, the feelgood manager is responsible for the well-being of the workforce. He or she organizes everything necessary for physical well-being, takes care of social networking, and is on the lookout for new talent

Businessman sitting in coffee shop, looking worried  - KNSF06390

Environmental Technician: The environmental technician analytically approaches one of the biggest problems of our time. The necessity of this job is self-explanatory because the climate does not regulate itself. There will be a lot of demand in the future for people who can fill this position. Added value guaranteed!

Physician Assistant: In the future, doctors will still have medical degrees. But more and more physician assistants will be used to relieve them. PAs must understand complex documentation and management processes as well as organizational procedures, but they can also be integrated into the development process on behalf of the medical director.

Business people having a meeting, close up of hands  - KNSF06330

Progress takes a lot, but gives a lot back

Rethinking career choices will indispensable for the future. However, the concern that progress will lead to fewer jobs in the future is far from over. These are new professions that are opening up which also promise long-term job prospects. Over the past few years, the German labor market has repeatedly set new records. The number of people in employment has increased by more than four million in the last ten years or so—a complete success. We are sure that we will not have to worry too much about the labor market in Germany. Job profiles such as Feelgood Manager, Environmental Technician, and Physician Assistant, which put our well-being and that of our fellow human beings at the center of the economy, help us.

All this goes through our heads when we look at the Kniel Synnatzschke office-but-out-of-office production. Thank you, guys and, of course, very important, girls!

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