After a spanish January we arrive back in the motherland. As we know, there is no place like home. Our February highlights are filled with images from our german top photographers. As always, we like to keep it short at this point and let the images speak for themselves.

Photographer: Rainer Berg
Client: ARAG

Relaxed woman at home sitting at the window - RBF06102

Photographer: Jo Kirchherr
Client: DEKA Investments

Germany, Cologne, young woman sitting on meadow looking at tablet - FMKF04384

Photographer: Roy Jankowski
Client: Stadt Hamburg

Germany, Hamburg, harbor, navigation light - RJF000367

Photographer: Kniel Synnatzschke
Client: RheinEnergie

Businesswoman standing on her urban rooftop garden - KNSF02799

Photographer: Uwe Umstätter
Client: Goldmann Verlag

UUF11026  - Austria, Salzkammergut, Cheering couple reaching mountain summit