The colorful image worlds of Westend61 reflect the major trends of our time. And no matter what the theme, they all have one thing in common: their dazzling diversity. This is why we want to take a look at today’s concept of diversity. It refers to the constantly increasing and ever-changing variety in manifestations of human life. 

Zur Lightbox "Diversity"

Good stock photography always depicts the whole, multifaceted wealth of an open and modern society. Diversity is not only an eye-catcher, but also a statement for mutual tolerance and the endeavor to always see the unifying aspects despite all the differences.

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Showing the appeal of “different”

How important and often difficult this is, when the latest news of discrimination and injustice reaches us. The riots in the US after the death of an African American at the hand of a white policeman were the most recent examples. At that moment, we become aware that life is by no means always as we would like it to be everywhere.

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 And as long as there are people, each generation will face anew the task of at least coming as close as possible to the ideal of living together on this planet peacefully and on equal footing. Good images of diversity can contribute to this because they show the appeal and kindness of “different.” They encourage people to rethink their own standpoints and convictions, invite them to see life through a slightly different pair of eyes, and so help to break down barriers between people.

Happy gay couple looking away while walking on road amidst trees - MASF04236

Diversity has always been a characteristic of human existence. One need only consider the uniqueness of the human face as a basic recognizable and distinguishing feature. This was already apparent in Stone Age caves and is still valid – to a much greater extent – in the 21st century as the progressive and individual lifestyle in Western societies is one of the strongest trends of our day. 

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In the age of digitalization and globalization, the boundaries between countries, continents, and cultural influences are becoming increasingly blurred. Former class barriers are becoming more permeable, traditional gender roles and family models are becoming less important, and the world of work is changing. The demands of previously discriminated groups for equal participation are becoming louder and, thanks to digital media, much more widespread than before.

Cheerful sister watching video with autistic brother on mobile phone at home - MASF13892

Attractive accent in creative image language

Diversity is not only a characteristic of our time and a condition for a successful future, but the phenomenon is without doubt an attractive and effective accent in creative photographic image language as well; good photos often work through contrasts. 

Rear view of young woman with leg prosthesis in kitchen at home - FBAF01295

This applies not only to colors and light & dark, but also to the illustrative differences in people’s lives in all their diversity. Such images are never boring, and so diversity is also an important design tool to attract attention and arouse interest. Our Lightbox on the topic is definite proof of this.

Zur Lightbox "Diversity"