Movers and shakers tread where others fear to go, for they live by the mantra, “Actions speak louder than words.” Instead of taking a step back to consider and wait for others, they jump right in. Their kind have reached extraordinary heights in many fields, making these action heroes role models. Their idealism and enthusiasm is catching, encouraging us to follow suit. And where such people are at work, there are naturally compelling motifs with the message, “Go for it/Join in!”

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We live in a sophisticated social state, but our community doesn’t just survive on institutions, but rather on the people who are engaged in them. Relevant here are volunteer duties of any stripe. The things that are accomplished by countless willing, unpaid workers in the most diverse areas is not just remarkable, but also highly commendable.

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People who strive for the common good are a robust pillar of society and an indispensable addition to the government’s public services. Their readiness to help is also an example for others, creating community and solidarity. Good images of this type of people will not only grant them a bit of recognition, but also motivate others to do the same.

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Enthusiastic, Resourceful, Unflinching

Here we’re including creative minds, the ones with the ideas when it comes to solving a problem together or paving the way for a change for the better – something everyone will profit from. Not only do they have ideas, but also the ability to formulate inspiration, to get others on board and ignite progress. Here, too, they have the courage to leave the beaten path, at the risk of hitting a dead end – which is not all bad, as long as they ultimately get results. Our hero of action follows the motto, “Don’t let a fear of making mistakes get in your way – anyone who has never made a mistake has never done anything, at all.”

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This doesn’t necessarily have to take the form of service to others – that’s not always what makes someone a role model for others. Sometimes, it’s individualists who fall into this category of hero, the people who, undaunted, follow their personal guiding star and go their own way, wherever the destination. Their strong sense of free will and independence is what makes them act spontaneously, intuitively, self-reliantly. They are seekers of life’s secrets, of situations in which they can test their abilities and evolve as people. 

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They’re always leaving their comfort zones and trying something new, for “routine” is not exactly their element. Sometimes without being aware of it, they are, with their unswerving way of life, people with whom many others identify, others who are inspired by them to part with convention. Their message is, “Do your thing!”

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Often Unassuming, but with Inner Strengths

That doesn’t mean action heroes are always great adventurers who risk their life and limb like Indiana Jones; no, heroes of action can go unnoticed, if you only look skin deep, and are sometimes downright quiet. These are the people who make names for themselves in the business world, with their unconventional ideas, sense of purpose, foresight, or entrepreneurial moxie.

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Perhaps it’s the very unprepossessing nature of these types that makes them particularly compelling motifs, for it’s in revealing their particular strengths or acts that they are pulled from their seeming insignificance and given the leading role, made idols for others. After all, the viewer shouldn’t be left feeling like their way is unattainable – “That’ll never be me” – but should rather say to him or herself: “Man, they’re just like you or me. Maybe I could do that…”

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