Just do nothing. Let your soul relax and treat yourself. Simply sexy, how’s that? Jump into the pool in the morning, have a fresh breakfast in your hotel bed, and then go to the spa area wearing your bathrobe. This, with an extra pinch of relaxation, could be the all-round carefree package. 

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The wellness business is booming. Somewhere between mindfulness and the health hype we have made ourselves at home in order to succumb to the pleasant cult of the body and to satisfy both body and soul. Spa landscapes can turn a few hours into a real recreation holiday.

Couple relaxing in a sauna - Couple relaxing in a sauna

How nice: Working where others go on holiday

Sometimes it’s pretty rough as a photographer: Photography puts you close enough to touch what’s often fun, what’s delicious, or what provides absolute relaxation, but you always have to work, capturing it and presenting it in the best possible way. Of course, the models have to be professionals, too, but you can only get into the right mood if you relax in the surroundings a little. 

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That was probably the story of the new Dreamstock 1982 production in a spa landscape in Granada, Spain. The Spaniard, with the most Spanish name, Luis Manuel Matias Jimenez, has invited a few of his best friends and booked an early morning spa session for them.

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When Luis told us about the production, we had to smile because we now imagine him in the whirpool, armed with swimming trunks and a camera. He could treat himself to a little relaxation as well. The camera was put through its paces in the Turkish bath and the Finnish sauna. The result was uninterrupted, extremely authentic photos. The beads of sweat literally run down our foreheads when we look at the pictures from the steam bath. There was also a brief moment of shock when Luis sank a Canon LPe_6 battery into the whirlpool. But it was quickly found again, and the crazy thing is, it still works perfectly.

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In the end there is an excellent production, with beautiful people and a great tonality. You could say: totally relaxed. We in the editorial office have all booked a massage.