Is there a perfect photo production? Photographers of this world, tell us! “No,” they will most likely say in unison. Something always gets out of hand: Time is running out, the weather isn’t playing ball, technology is causing problems, or a strand of hair just doesn’t stay where the stylist, photographer, and model want it to. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of things. If you then bring a very delicate variable into play, like a toddler, we imagine we see a few photographers putting their heads in their hands, and a little more planning effort is required.

Happy mature man lifting up baby girl in garden of his house - MOEF02434

Es gibt häufig einen Produktions-Haken. Hier zu aller Freude nicht.

Robijn Page, aka Sebastian Mölleken, was able to tell us about the myth of perfect photo shoots, infant included. Like what? In a little note he describes the day as follows: “I put it under the title of the perfect family day. Everything went smoothly, the weather was fine, the location was chic, the models were super nice and patient, and even the child couldn’t stop grinning into the camera. Every now and then, I waited for the catch, but it didn’t come.”

Family of three standing at the window at home - MOEF02420

How did this happen? At the beginning of the year he had already decided to join forces with the family’s father, Bela. This comes as no surprise, as the current operator of climbing parks spent some time in New York in the 90s working as a model. This certainly explains his child’s constant smile, as apples don’t fall far from the tree.

Family of three standing in garden of their home - MOEF02421

Since the shoot took place in his house in North Rhine Westfalia, the sometimes quite complex photo realization became quite simple: No time stress, no open rights issues, and so on. Slowly the secret of this absolutely stress-free, catch-free production is revealed. Even the coffee came from the company’s own espresso maker.

Happy mature man kissing baby girl at home - MOEF02395

To be continued…

Sebastian and Bela have already agreed on the next date and will be producing a smartphone-themed production in September. We are looking forward to more pictures of the charismatic head of the family. Until then we will be content with this absolutely successful and perfect family production. We do have a small challenge for Sebastian, though: Next time bring the golden retriever into the game. Let’s see how smoothly it goes then. 😉

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