Hardly imaginable: on the Indonesian holiday paradise Bali the year started with the „Day of Silence.“ For 24 hours, all locals and tourists had to renounce using mobile internet or their smartphones. There was also no air travel that day. The Hindu year started with silence and tranquility – the total opposite of our stress-filled days. From the first pressing of the snooze button, the mail bombardments to our endless Instagram scrolling sessions in the evening, we are always under the influence of stress-related content. Oh, how much we adore all the pictures of those outdoor adventures.

To Lightbox "Quietness"

The next day we step into our outdoor shoes, which are very hip these days and try to get at least an outdoor-feeling without actually getting closer to the adventures. But is it not these moments that would really be good for ourselves? To be outside and flee a bit from the all-day life in search of some quietness and calm moments?

Iceland, North of Iceland, back view of couple standing on jetty looking at view - AFVF00599

Quietness is the best medicine

Quietness is one of our base needs. The state of doing nothing and thinking about nothing is rather hard to accomplish, but once we mastered those, we are ready to experience pure relaxation. Our spirit and mind can recover. Like our bones, our brain is a utility object that we put under stress and wear down every single day. We need relaxation as an opposing tool for the activity to regain the spent strength.

Austria, Tyrol, Legs of a man, watching paraglider over lake Achensee - WFF00083

Some people even tend to be active in their relaxation process, but we genuinely need those phases of a complete recovery. Since this state of relaxation is often missing in our everyday life, we have to deal with physical and psychological consequences. We face a decrease in our power assets and a lack of concentration. Some of us don’t find the exit in this downward spiral leading into the widespread disease of a burnout.

Namibia, Walvis Bay, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Sandwich Harbour, woman walking in dune landscape at the sea - LHPF00439

Join us on a visual travel

„Tonight, I will just relax.“ Netflix and chill, hop on the couch, and take a deep dive into the media library. That is not pure relaxation when we confront our brain with permanent visual stimuli. We make it process a continuing stream of information with no chance to pull the plug for once. It does not matter how „secure “ the content is, the task for our brain to process is always there.

Italy, Veneto, Dolomites, Alta Via Bepi Zac, mountaineer standing on Pale di San Martino mountain at sunset - LOMF00826

How to achieve a state of pure relaxation? Do we have to meditate to do so? Does it always have to be the one „extreme“ way? No, it does not. A stroll beyond displays and headphones does that job as well. Maybe you just go to the sauna or let your view fade into the distance.

Woman with hat running in lavender fields, Plateau de Valensole, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France, Europe - RHPLF01491

We would like to send you on a visual journey, a little like Instagram, but without all the likes and a flood of images. Therefore we picked a few of our favorite pictures of width, where there is plenty of room for silence and quietness. We would like to take you to the most beautiful places on our earth once again. Our photographers deliver food for your imagination. Dive into those beautiful images and then try to pull the plug. Fade into the distance and relax. Go outside and leave all electronics behind. Find the small but real adventures in the tiny forests or parks around you.

To Lightbox "Quietness"