48,000 pictures – that is a lot. A regular Westend61 production counts 80-100 photos that make the cut and go from edit into the shop. Going back a little further the photographer shoots between 2,000 and 3,000 pictures for production this big. To reach a number around 48,000 pictures in our shop, it takes a lot of pushing the trigger. What about that number? That is the number of pictures we feature from our New York-based partner Cavan Images.

Big Apple and Westen61 – a fit? Of course! Since making a name for ourselves in the sales division after repositioning the agency, we gained some strong partners (https://www.westend61.de/blog/en/versatile-collections-for-the-best-campaigns/) enriching our portfolio. The Cavan portfolio impressed our art department with authentic, emotional and expressive pictures as well as the variety of excellent international photographers that deliver premium content on a regular base.

„We’re proud stewards of a global community of creatives and their inspiring work.“

The office in New York hosts a team of six employees continually working with the photographers on their productions. Like Westend61 Cavan puts the photographers and their talents in the focus of their work. The team has a precise understanding of a humanly and authentic visual approach which you can see first sight on their portfolio.

The New Yorkers have a clear focus on lifestyle. Away from business productions, they focus on imagery that transports feelings of space, distance and freedom.

With a closer look at the pictures, you will always get a sense of emotional themes such as charity and longing as well as the interesting use of natural lights and shadows on indoor and outdoor photography.

With the New Yorkers, we now have another strong partner on our side that is all about what defines us: Images that we love!