Berlin, London, Paris: Hardly any major European city is safe from the current mobility wave. In addition to new “ride-sharing services” and electric mopeds, the cityscape is dominated by e-scooters. The electrically operated version of one of our childhood toys splits people into two camps.

Young woman with electric scooter in a loft - JOSF03359

Some are annoyed by unclear traffic regulations and scooters lying about almost haphazardly, whereas others are jetting about the city at full throttle—unfortunately also on the sidewalks—and enjoying eco-friendly mobility. Dispute all you want, what is omnipresent and pursues a positive basic idea has mostly earned its entry into contemporary photo productions. After all, it’s always important for our customers to feel a part of the times, and here it’s just racing on said scooters to the next meeting or coffee date.

Said and done! A new Joseffson production is getting ready to surf stylishly through our online shop. The wonderful destination: to feature the best campaigns for the customers.

Early Adopters: Very easy from the café next door

Not so long ago, we presented a modern work production from our own eat-in kitchen. The Joseffson boys simply outsource—out of home. Loaded up with two models and the aforementioned e-roller, the team set off for Essen.

Young woman sitting on couch in a coffe shop, using digital tablet, e-scooter charging in background - JOSF03339The location: a small café with its own roastery where they have been invited to present the contemporary business meeting in the café. Freelancer meets agency team leader, or photographer meets editor. This is how the scene could be described. It comes as no surprise that it became quite a caffeinated day and went far beyond the business meeting.
Two young women sitting cross-legged on the counter of their coffee shop, one meditating , other pulling funny faces - JOSF03435

Versatility at second glance

Caffeine is one of those things, even a creative thing, that awakens spirits to move pretty fast through the theme worlds: E-Mobility and sustainable mobility concepts are just as much a topic as business, cashless payment, coffee gossip, freelance work, coffeehouse culture, and, of course, friendship, and it transforms the production into “an egg-laying, wool-producing milk pig” of the photo world.

Customer paying contactless in a coffee shop, balancing toy robot on smartphone - JOSF03354

The versatility is emphasized by the different types that the two models embody. We say: top cast and top production. Cheers, coffee!