Do you ever leave the house without a camera? 

Haha, not really, unless I go out for dinner or some drinks. When I have plans with friends or family, I usually take the camera. You never know if you’ll find a perfect moment or a place to take some unique photos!

Portrait of smiling young woman and her mirror image in underground train - AFVF00742

At what age did you use a camera for the first time?

Probably when I was 8 years old during summer vacations with my family! I always asked if I can take some photos of my parents while being on the road.

Around 15, I got my first digital compact camera, and I started taking photos of flowers, insects, pets, some portraits of friends, and abandoned buildings!

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My 18th birthday present was a mirrorless camera for beginners, and I took it everywhere, only using the Auto mode. At that time, I mostly photographed landscapes and nature.

It wasn’t until 2017 when I realized I needed a “real” camera to photograph the places I was traveling to. So I upgraded my gear. Ever since I am shooting!

Acrobat jumping somersaults in front of yellow wall - AFVF00696

How did you work as a photographer, and how long did it take for you to live off photography?

I first got in contact with stock photography working as a model. At one point, I asked them most of them what they would do for a living, and they told me about stock photography. It was at the time when I was already thinking of getting a good camera. I started to watch a bunch of tutorials on how to use a camera, compositions, and the creative process behind photography. 

Fashion designer taking pictures of fabric samples with ger mobile phone - AFVF00762

In the meantime, I practiced with my old camera picking up everything I learned from the tutorials. Then I got my first pro camera, and I started producing stock images right away! I was traveling while working as a yoga teacher in different spaces around the globe. I shot stock images, and I shot photo documentaries for the various hotels and resorts I stayed in. Nowadays, 80% of my income comes from stock photography, while the other 20% come from events and private clients. 

My first uploads to Westend61 were in February 2018, my first sales in July 2018, and today I can say that it took me around 1 year and a half to start living off photography.

Which topics do you prefer to photograph?

I would say anything. I love working with people, and especially working outdoors!

Portrait of a confident young woman - AFVF02614

And which ones do you dislike? And why?

There is nothing I really dislike, but maybe what I enjoy the least is working in a studio and working with kids. 

What was the biggest highlight of your career as a photographer so far?

Half a year after getting my first professional camera, I had two big exclusive sales for Google through a Singaporean Stock Agency. I was shocked and super excited about it! 

Italy, Sardinia, portrait of bearded hiker with hat and backpack - AFVF00399

Is there a distinctive look in your pictures?

I think that I create very natural and fresh images in my stock photography, in commissioned work for clients, and my personal projects. 

We love following our photographers on Instagram. Looking at your own profile, it differs a bit from your Westend61 portfolio. What is the main difference between Stock and Instagram-Photography for you?

Well, my profession is being a stock photographer, and I really enjoy it, especially the human side. I love working with other people, meeting other photographers, having to scout new places, and thinking about the productions. It is a process that I really enjoy. 

Young woman during workout on stairs, climbing stairs - AFVF01316

On the other side, I also like to create images for myself, images that are not commercial, but tell a story, or make you feel or imagine something while looking at them. I like to collaborate with other artists like dancers, movement artists, actors, and models.

What was your motivation to work with Westend61?

I was modeling for Kike Arnaiz during a photoshoot with Giorgio Fochesato when I learned about Westend61 (I didn’t have my camera yet!) It was so refreshing to have someone guiding the photographer and models through the photoshoot, so I decided to take a look at your website.

Portrait of relaxed woman taking off her jacket - AFVF00097

After some months, I tried to apply to Westend61. I sent them my super-beginner stock portfolio, of course. Well, I got rejected. But I tried again, and after some months of hard work, I finally got into Westend61!

What are your plans for the future?

I am just new to photography! I’ve been creating a lot since I started. I am proud of my learning and producing process, but there is a lot more to learn and new things to try. I am already thrilled and proud of myself because I am making a living from photography. My hidden passion became a real job.

Young man doing a skateboard trick on a lane at dusk - AFVF01516

If I allow myself to dream a little, I will become a documentary photographer traveling around the world, documenting the lives of many different people in their life situations. I want to keep exploring, work on new ideas and concepts while producing more and better stock images. 

I want to keep developing my artistic, creative process, …and have fun doing so!

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