„There are thousands of sicknesses, but only one health,“ is what Ludwig Börne said. This sentence of the German journalist and literary critic is carved in stone – for now over 180 years.

Today health is many things: trend, passion and of course business. It is omnipresent in our wishes. Just look at all the magazines: „healthy in 10 steps.“ We open Instagram: influencers present their picture-perfect-bodies. We take a walk: a group of runners passes by, and our subconscious is screaming at us without any mercy: „you should be in the gym right now!“ As humans, we are capable of so many things. It’s a paradox that sometimes the thought of health leads us to pathological tendencies.

A million ways into the fitness-luck

In the end, all of us want to be healthy. Every Birthday card we give and get is filled with wishes for a long and healthy life – the physical and mental well-being of our friends and ourselves is the most heartfelt of our intentions. At this point we have to be clear: health does not just fall from the sky and who wants to have it has to do something about it. There are thousands of plans and methods but who are we expected to know what is the right one for us. Those who want to be healthy have done one thing first: read a lot! When you google „health,“ you are about to get 379 000 000 search results. A lot of content about the perfect diet, the fitting sport for you or just the right motivation. Running or cycling, mediation or yoga: how are we supposed to maintain a perspective? For ourselves, we came to one conclusion: everything in moderation. Let’s give you some ideas.

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With the Kardashians into the diet jungle

Low carb, Low fat or paleo? Keeping track of diets is like telling the difference between all the Jenners and Kardashians. On top of that to know which is the right one seems impossible. Who really wants to get into the topic of the proper nutrition should definitely see a professional about it as everybody has different needs in terms of vitamins, proteins, carbs, and co.

For the rest of you, we put together a small collection of quick tips. Since we are connoisseurs of good food and fine spirits, we have good news to start the list: alcohol is ok! Of course, you can’t drink yourself to health as it hurts our most important metabolism organ: the liver. When we drink too much, it has a severe impact on our fat burning and sleep which is the opposite of health. But we said good news? Yes! 2-3 times a week we can have little amounts of certain spirits. For example, red wine contains health-promoting polyphenols that are anti-inflammatory. So: Drink responsibly – drink healthy!

We have another treat in place for you: dark chocolate. The healthy nutrition we find in chocolate with a cocoa amount of over 70% besides magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, and Mangan include theobromine, flavonoids, serotonin, and dopamine. As you see it’s one healthy bomb that will bring your circulation into movement and stimulates your central nervous system as well as the elasticity of your blood vessels – that’s right, we are talking about chocolate. The more cocoa it contains, the more healthy nutrition your body will take from it.

With all these yummy permissions we also have to bring in a bit of release: you have to suffer from being beautiful (old saying and not all appropriate!), and those who want to be healthy have to waive some things (sad to say this is appropriate). In this case, we want to talk about satiation ingredients. Starch products have to go out or let’s better say go in at a reduced amount: potatoes, pasta, rice and also bread. Instead, we should concentrate more on high protein nutrition – more fat-smart nutrition.

Sports, of course!

When Nutrition is essential in terms of a healthy lifestyle so are physical activities. Let’s talk about sports. We won’t find a way around this topic. Training regularly strengthens the immune system, keeps the cardiovascular system up running and can reduce the risk of various sicknesses. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t need you to get ready for a marathon, but you should work out a little about 30 minutes in 3 or 4 days of the week. You will see. Your body will pay you back with the effects mentioned above. Especially endurance based sports like cycling or running-exercises are good for your heart and blood flow of your inner vessels. So let’s put on those running shoes and get some fresh air. It’s so good!

Cardiovascular system done – onto the next one. Your body is a complex composition of organic systems, bones, and muscles. Whenever you want to improve one of those you have to upgrade the others as well. We suggest some core training on the side of your endurance workouts. They strengthen your core (that’s why it’s called core training) and joints and spine. Your body will thank you so much as it loses the tensions of sports and on top of that of seating as this is what most of us do during our workdays. Finding a local gym that offers courses should be easy, and otherwise, there are many tutorials online. If you are a starter make sure to get some supervision for your training.

Just chill out for a bit.

With all these diets and sports we must not forget our soul. Of course, sports help our body to produce endorphins, and by that, we become happier, but the recovery is as important as the workout itself: for body and your mind.

Digitalization is a big topic in stock photography which draws a lot of focus. It doesn’t stop at health. As beautiful as tools like calorie-trackers and fitness apps are they tend to come with a little risk of addiction when not used correctly. When you’re sitting on the bike, and your focus wanders towards breaking records all the time you might quickly lose the affection for the sport and generate stress for your mind. When your body needs to recover you get into a double burden, and it takes longer to feel fit again. That’s why we need rest days.
This also counts for our nutrition. If you are very strict with your diet, you should allow yourself a „buffet of your dreams“ from time to time. It will do so much good for your soul, and that connects directly to your body.

Let’s summarize: healthy nutrition and sports are essential for being in a healthy condition. At the same time, proper recovery phases have to be established to release pressure from the body and mind. This is our rational approach to a healthy lifestyle.

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