Maybe you feel the same way: Sometimes it’s really challenging to keep track of and navigate the constantly changing world. How great is it that there are contemporaries who possess a clear view and a good idea of where the journey of humankind could be headed? Throughout the ages, progress has always been accompanied, shaped, and supported by visionaries and pioneers who’ve been able to look outside of their own existence and think beyond the span of their own lifetime. 

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This is all the more true today, as digitization and global networking further develops all areas of life, unleashing an unprecedented dynamic. So, the modern heroes of the 21st century include all the little and big thinkers, inventors, and explorers in particular: They’re already thinking today about what our coexistence in the world of tomorrow will look like and, above all, how it will function.

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Being open to new things and the joy of experimenting

These heroes of the future don’t necessarily have to have earned a Nobel Prize for innovation, but rather they’re often people like you and me. And as we think of the flexibility and mental agility that the modern working world, for example, demands of us daily, let’s give ourselves a little pat on the back. Because sometimes we all have to be a bit like those heroes of the future when we have to deal with a technical innovation. This is particularly true for the 50+ generation, which, unlike the “digital natives,” hasn’t grown up with the almost unlimited possibilities of digital networking. 

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Being open to new things, experimenting a little bit, and not being afraid of making mistakes are required if we want to take advantage of the opportunities in our networked world. Sometimes we should take our example from children. They still learn something new almost every day. On their journeys of discovery into life, they often develop an imagination and creativity that amazes us adults.

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What, on a small scale, are good ideas for simplifying processes in business, are, on a large scale, those concepts with which we can meet the challenges of the future that face humankind: containing ecological exploitation through sustainable economic activity and energy production, enough food and living space for a constantly growing world population, and peaceful coexistence of the most diverse cultures and lifestyles, to name only the most important ones.

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Creative, imaginative – and therefore interesting models

The designers of tomorrow’s world in all their spheres are an important topic for photography. From the child with an urge to explore who digs for earthworms in the garden, to the techie in the garage, to the science pioneer in his lab: Heroes of the future can be found everywhere, and they are as diverse as life itself. 

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The cool, sober charisma of modern (digital) technology can form an effective contrast to a natural background, for it’s no coincidence that returning to the basic essentials of our lives is gaining in importance, especially in this highly technical 21st century. Because this “grounding” is even an important prerequisite for a successful future. Only those who know where they come from and where they stand will find the right way.

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