Last Summer, our Art Director, and Photo Editor Giorgio Fochesato traveled to Barcelona to meet the Spanish Westend61 photographers who are an essential part of our community. In a short journal about the trip, he offers us another exciting view behind the scenes.


Barcelona is of great importance for Westend61 because it is home to many of our photographers. We love the creative output coming from the Iberian peninsula. When I had the opportunity to visit the city at the beginning of last October, it was quite apparent that I have to meet our Spanish community more often. Now, this last trip was the second time I flew to Barcelona. 2017, on a very short visit I had the chance to attend a nice dinner with our veterans Gemma Ferrando, Pitu Rovirosa and Valentina Baretto and therefore in 2018 I intended to involve more photographers and share as much time with them as possible.


At the first day, I was on set with Valentina Barreto. She organized a photo production in a beautiful restaurant with two models. Before the shooting, we developed as many ideas as possible: a couple having a romantic date, business people having a meeting, a couple having a drink in a pub and more. The chef of the restaurant prepared beautiful food that was perfect for the images, and the resulting pictures look delightful. On top of it all, we got the chance to have a very delicious lunch after we finished. Well done Valentina!

The day after I met Alba Forcada, one of our new photographers. I already met her last year because she is an outstanding model who worked with our longstanding photographer Kike Arnaiz. Incredible story – a model turned into a super creative photographer. I love it when things like that happen. Alba’s production involved a male model from Ecuador. We tried to implement the story of a unique man commuting around the city. It was a crazy and funny production.

A couple days later, I was on set with Valentina Barreto again. This time she created the story of some friends living together in a lovely flat in Poblenou. This is probably one of the funniest projects I ever worked on at Westend61. The mood was very positive, the models had a lot of fun, and Valentina took an incredible amount of creative images.

After so much work it was necessary to have a break! Westend61 invited all the photographers living in Barcelona for dinner. The perfect moment to gather, share thoughts about stock photography, exchange ideas and just be together! The dinner was very International as photographers from Spain and Italy were sitting at the table – creative ideas guaranteed.


What comes next? I am already looking forward to the next Barcelona trip. Hopefully, next time we will have our CEO Gerald Staufer strolling around the city with us!

¡Hasta la vista!