„We are our choices,“ the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once started. When we think a little more about this everyday phenomenon, it is breathtaking how often we set our priorities already before leaving the house in the morning. To snooze or not to Snooze? Orange jam or strawberry marmalade? Blue oxford shirt or just a sweater under the jacket – and this goes on all day long.

The course of our day is mainly defined by the consequences of our intensely private decisions: How do we feel today? How do we face our fellows and colleagues? Relaxed, stressed or something in between? It doesn’t matter what’s the case now as we continue to tinker our decisions on our current personal matrix. There just is no other alternative than doing so.

Finding the focus forms

In general, a definite spontaneous resolve is a simple thing for us to do when it’s not about mega topics such as choosing our jobs ore making significant investments in our future. Those are things that need some extra time, and luckily we don’t face these situations every day. To find one’s bearings can mean a lot of work. We make decisions based on logic or go by our gut, affected by friends and their own experiences. We make them intentional or unintentional, full of emotions or sometimes cold-blooded. IN our existence as self-confident and professional decision makers we bundle up a super package out of logic, instincts, empathy, and willingness which make us to the person that we are, visible for everyone around us.

Always on board: Commonweal

As we already suggested some of our decisions carry more weight than others. When we enthusiastically put on our pullover in the morning and can’t see it anymore by lunchtime, we have a luxury problem that can quickly be resolved. It’s instead something about our choices. They can take a positive influence on our future: the purchase of a new eco-friendly car or the job choice (maybe in green-business) is a demonstrative Statement. By choosing we carry the responsibility for our own well-being as well as for our fellows.

The best example for this is political elections. The allegation that one vote won’t make a change on a political system is just wrong. When we take away our own voice, nobody will give it to us. Development and justice start with the individual. That goes for political progress, social justice, and climate change. Those three being the primary issues fo our time that we all should make our decision on. Even if that means to take cuts in our own personal well-being.

Being able to decide is a luxury. The number of people not being able to determine is way too high. That is why we have to appreciate this gift and try to contribute to our fellow’s well-being through our choices. Starting with the little things like donations.

Imagery leads the way

As in our daily routine we find decisions in campaigns or better said: a campaign is supposed to show it’s spectator how to decide, decent and smart. The better an image carries the message the more the spectator is influenced. The decision becomes easier and at times is a conviction right away: Bingo! Sometimes the message itself is „deciding.“ For this unique appeal our creative department put together a lightbox showcasing the process of decision-making. You can find this lightbox in our webshop.