In the world of photography, Alba Vitta goes by the name of Vitta Gallery, a pseudonym under which she pushes her idea of distinct looks. Without much noise, she creates clean compositions in her imagery. Her photography is colorful but follows a decent structure. She stands for a minimalistic approach without any gimmicks.

For her newest production, she teamed up with her friend and videographer Uri Valverde to capture an ensemble of pink and yellow in photography and video.

The concept reads pretty simply: a calm location and two models with two different looks. For us, Alba summed up the production:

Uri and I had this thing on our minds for a while. We wanted to capture the atmosphere on a photo production set for a video. The location had to be, and we found it pretty quick. We did the shooting in an old cemetery – unusual but it architectural it was too interesting to pass on the possibility.

The theme of the production is the interaction of differences. Therefore we booked to models we have been working within the previous productions, but they haven’t met each other.

Kate is a British model: blue eyes, pale complexion, and pink hair. Malory from Columbia is the equivalent to her with long brown hair and darker skin. Style and makeup were supposed to be kept very simple – two colors, no gimmicks. We dressed Kate in pink and Malory in yellow. From this point on we gave them full scope.

They were supposed to have fun, to dance and maybe be a little crazy. We didn’t want to set any limits to creativity – even if that meant that they destroyed eggs with golf bats. The outcome is a very homogenous production – a beautiful mix of fashion and lifestyle!

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