If you are a regular on our blog you probably know the name Roger Richter by now: for everyone else, we have a little reminder. The long-time Westend61 photographer is famous for his people-, business-, architecture & interior- food and social-responsibility-productions. You will hardly find another photographer that covers so many themes on the high-level Roger does. With this much quality at stake it is hard to highlight single productions, but every once in a while we like to look at pictures without our profession in mind. What does that have to do with Roger? It’s simple – he always manages to let the whole creative department sigh in admiration of his work.

Young and active home ownership

Whether it is volatile metropolitans that were converted by the fresh air and rural life or smart owners of building loan contracts who finally realize their dream for their families: Roger has a sense the artificial theme of home ownership which he regularly shoots with young families. He also has a sense for a feel-good-imagery which especially our clients like – Roger is a regular in our monthly highlights.

A little digital, a little sporty: and tons of fun

This time the production team including two attractive young models and Rogers daughter met in Essen. Of course, in a lovely home. The briefing implicated the domestic life of a young family in their home and garden. At first, the team went into the garden to get the circulation running. After that the models research indoors, they learn and exercise.

Since Rogers daughter loves pancakes the dish for the lunch break was not a topic of discussion which delivered another beautiful motif of the production. We just melt away. As said, Roger always knows how to get us. After that, the three models were allowed to relax a little as a good home production still is about easing. Once again the outcome is a harmonic production, and we are looking forward to the next one.

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