“Grandma and grandpa are the best.” A well-known phrase that most of us have heard uttered many times before. We love our grandparents, and they especially love their grandchildren. But why exactly is it so much easier to live with the older generation than with your own parents?

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Close and comforting: largely stress-free

The big plus with grandparents: They’ve already experienced so much of life, and that won’t change. For example: When it comes to raising children, they have already seen a lot of things and are more relaxed than they might have been years ago. The cut on the knee—yes, can happen, have already experienced it. Pulling the sibling’s hair—professional conflict management, mediated as quickly as possible.

Usually nobody can fool the grandparents when it comes to bringing up and managing children. Additionally they are also smart and don’t manage their children at this point because good grandparents let their own children have their own experiences while raising their young. They merely act as advisors, staying in the background, available to be questioned if there is any doubt or even serve as stopgaps. Conversely, they don’t have to be so concerned about their grandchildren and are more relaxed overall.

This results in a very special relationship that is very close and comforting. Grandparents who often lovingly take care of their grandchildren pay slightly different attention the them than they are accustomed to from their own parents. They simply have a bit more life experience to pass on as well as a certain peace and quiet that’s worth its weight in gold for children in our fast-moving times.

We’ll sum it up: Unlike mom and dad most every day, grandma and grandpa are never really stupid. They always have an open ear because they usually have time, the best cookies, and every now and then some decent pocket money. All in all, time with grandma and grandpa is like time in the land of milk and honey.

Gustaffson brings the land of milk and honey to Berlin

So, how do we bring this now much desired special relationship to photos? With professionals!

The Gustafsson Boys, professionals behind the camera: Check.
Richard Bellevue, another profressional behind the camera: Check.
A really bold location in Berlin: Check.
An original retired couple from Berlin, Grandma and Grandpa: Check.
An experienced child model (sounds like an oxymoron, but it works), Vince: Check.
Burgers for lunch so everyone stays happy: Check.

Our Gustafsson trio and Richard Bellevue went to Berlin to shoot a small generation production that represents the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. The two most important ingredients were basically no reservations and a mutual understanding on the part of the lively child model and the relaxed seniors. They have mastered the interaction perfectly, and the three could easily pass for a real family. It certainly helped that the seniors were a real couple. Yes, that means real kisses and real emotions. Although the photos look very natural and authentic, it was indeed the professionalism that brought almost every photo to the point. Once again a top guest performance by Gustafsson.

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