To present excellent lifestyle photography adequately, you need more than a conventional approach to images. Therefore our creative department developed the collections SMART, MOMENTS and YOUniverse. In these collections, we bundle up specific looks, which are produced continuously further by our photographer’s imagery. We see this visual portfolio as an essential statement of our creative work and expertise so that we can depict current trends in the stock photography industry.


Besides our collections, we offer those of our international partner agencies. Every picture has to pass our check-process first before it goes into our shop — this way our customers can be sure only to see the best images.

Mint Images: Our Environment by the World’s Finest Photographers

The collection of our partner Mint Images revolves around our environment, especially our sustainable dealing with nature, as well as health and wellbeing. In their pictures, the expressivity of many aspects – for example the presence of a single person – is in focus rather more than complex artificially generated compositions. The images of the Mint-photographers are real, which is a crucial aspect of the agency: less stock photography, more depiction of reality.

In Mint Images we found a reliable partner in Real-Life-Stock, who has the aim to offer commercial premium photography. Thereby the big agencies images are supposed to inspire us to see a deeper connection to our nature for a more sustainable mindset.

Find our selection of the best images from Mint Images in our Webshop.