Vista is Spanish for “point of view” or “perspective.” That is why this term fits our new collection perfectly. Vista shows a new, fresh, and unconventional view of the world – different, a little crazy, and, above all, very creative.

Young man and woman performing in front of a red wall - ERRF02869

Over the past months we have repeatedly presented images with a new point of view. Now we are going one step further and dedicating a platform of our own to surprising and original visual language with the Vista Collection.

At first glance, these motifs captivate with their lively and cool look and their clear, almost seemingly minimalist image design. But the Vista Collection offers much more than just bright colors, as it shows original reinterpretations of relevant image concepts that are far removed from the usual stock clichés.

Businessman in black suit with meerkat mask sitting on stairs - XLGF00032

Vista motifs present photographically over-the-top and fancy camera work, so to speak. They sparkle with energy, tell stories, are a bit flashy, and leave a lasting impression with their colorful liveliness. This is modern surrealism mixed with a colorful zest for life – so is exactly what we need right now: a little “Alice in Wonderland” in difficult times.


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