Five years ago in the city, two guys stood in line for a soy caramel macchiato. One of them starts the conversation:

„What’s up today?“
„We’re just hanging out and later going to a Vernissage – free drinks buddy! You in?“
„Sorry, no can do. I got to work all night. You know – pitching.“

Same two guys just a few days ago this time standing in line for an oat milk flat white:

„How is the apartment search. Any luck?
„Well, we decided to look further out of the city. In the countryside. Maybe we will build by ourselves.“
„Really? Building by yourself?
„Sure, that’s what we got the building loan contract for.“

It’s not a single case – more and more young families move out of the city into the countryside. They exchange the hunt for a parking space, waste gas and coffeehouse hopping for a garden, space and a lot of fresh air. The reasons are obvious: the children are playing around outside, and you can buy food directly from farmers. Of course, there is also the fact that renting or building a house might be a little cheaper than back in the city.

In his new production Roger Richter shows us the way urban families live in the countryside and how they bridge the gap between idyll and the modern business world.

The shooting location is located around Hamburg, and it was the perfect surrounding for a „smart home“ and „our house“-themed shooting. Roger has been shooting with the male model Marc before in Cape Town while Sandra is a first-timer. With the help of Marcs daughter and Rogers son, they managed to put together a high-quality production. Find more pictures of the facility in our Webshop.