The lack of a summer-break with nothing to report was as safe as the Amen in the church this year. Corona crisis, Trump politics, and new normality keep feeding the editorials. But the writers also had a lot of other topics in their minds. We read about honesty with ourselves or book tips. We were able to provide a few images to these articles – the usage cases of June.

Photographer: Realitybites
Client: Süddeutsche Zeitung

Mature man carrying crate with vegetables in his garden - REAF00385


Photographer: Roger Richter
Client: Stadt Hamburg

Couple with electric bicycles - RORF00657


Photographer: Robijn Page
Client: Kölner Stadtanzeiger Magazin

Woman preparing healthy food in her kitchen - MOEF01804


Photographer: Larissa Veronesi

LVF003497 - Girl lying on a meadow reading a book


Photographer: Alba Vitta
Client: viversani

AFVF05440 - Portrait of smiling young woman with smartphone standing in front of house entrance