The rise of Web 2.0 is strongly accompanied by cats ascending as the kings and queens of the Internet. According to various statistics, cat videos are among the most popular and most consumed films on the web.

Young cat licking the face of another cat - SLF000257

Sadly this year we had to say goodbye to Tardar Sauce, who died at the age of seven. To whom? Perhaps you know Tardar Sauce better as Grumpy Cat, whose trademark was her always somewhat grumpy-looking expression. She’s probably the most famous cat on the Internet. Her genetic defect also created a kind of magic that compelled over 2.7 million people to follow her on Instagram. In addition, there are countless views on Youtube and a registered trademark that is reputedly worth more than $100 million.

There are thousands of blog articles and even studies which examine this phenomenon. There is really no plausible explanation at the moment; we have to be patient. Perhaps over the following centuries, generations of historians will supply one. Maybe it is a protective instinct or the so-called animal pity that we humans develop for our generally cute four-legged friends, or just this peculiarity that cats bring, their temporary arrogance paired with cheekiness and demands for affection: Who knows?

Yawning cat - RAEF01637Fact is, we just can’t get enough of them. That’s why today, on International Cat Day, we bring you a lot of cat content. Have fun with the fluffy Lightbox. In the editorial office there were many ooohhs and aaahhs. Purr, purr, purr!