Team Ruhrgebiet in the capital was already a good mix. Because the spirit was so high at last year’s “grandson shoot” by Gustafsson and Richárd Bellevue, the momentum carried the quartet away—right into the next shoot that same day. Happy senior buisinessman and girl with hot-air balloon and shining tablet in office - GUSF02910

There was still a business production planned. Since this shoot was scheduled for the evening, the topic of late-night work, or good old overtime, was chosen.

Lightbox "Future Talents"

Future bosses shortly before the after-work party

So a Berlin advertising agency served as the location. The shoot was done with four models: three adults and one child. Wait, kids working overtime? Gustafsson and Bellevue had planned this tableau to feature the bosses of tomorrow—smart business kids.

Businessman and yawning girl with shining tablet in office - GUSF02915

The situation is well known: Whether you’re a single parent working overtime or working together to finish a presentation for a pitch, sometimes you have to juggle work and kids and even other challenges.

Businessman and businesswoman with mischievous girl in office - GUSF02961

So why don’t we bring the new young talent directly into the office and maybe listen to what the Future Elite thinks about our present-day problems and solutions?

Portait of laughing senior businessman in office - GUSF02815

The models were able to do exactly that and thanks to leaf blowers and agile models, some new energy and plandid motifs could also be created. The new credo: outside of normal is just the new norm.

Happy senior businessman with wind turbine model in office - GUSF02938

The result is a great business production in the style of Gustafsson: high quality and always thinking outside the box. We are very happy and hope that the guys will have a good after-work beer despite the late shift. Cheers!

Lightbox "Future Talents"