Oscar Carrascosa Martinez

Madrid, Spanien

Do you ever leave the house without a camera?

Oh, that rarely happens. Usually, I always carry a compact Sony, at least. When I was younger, I brought my Praktika MTL wherever I went.

Group of motocross motorcycles coming out in the race - OCMF00252

At what age did you use a camera for the first time?

I was around 11 years old. I still have some of the images that I took. As you see, I started very early and knew I don’t want to think about how much money I spent on photography and gear to this day.

Bearded man with dreadlocks sitting on motorbike at sunset smoking electronic cigarette - OCMF00351

How did you work as a photographer, and how long did it take for you to live off photography?

Well, again, I started pretty early. I sold my first images at the age of 14. I remember that it was mostly black and white images from the village we lived in that I developed and sold together with my brother. Then this rather charming start slowly turned into working with big brands that I started doing in 1988.

USA, New York City, fire truck coming along the street - OCMF00095

Which topics do you prefer to photograph?

I like Lifestyle as I love to interact with humans. Every possibility to shoot with people is a one I take. But I mostly do this at my costs as I stopped doing commissioned work for a long time.

Spain, Alicante, woman sitting on the rocks on the beach of Benitachell - OCMF00212

And which ones do you dislike? And why?

Sports, I captured sports for a long time to the point where I can’t stand it anymore. I guess one day, this will fade, and I will find the pleasure in shooting athletes and their movements again, but for now, I am fed up.

Portrait of woman in space suit exploring nature - OCMF00086

What was the biggest highlight of your photographer’s career?

Ironically, it was when I shot a lot of sports events. Right now, I have to laugh about it too. I worked closely with Red Bull and got to shot various World Championships in different sports. It’s good memories.

Police pilot during the helicopter flight - OCMF00006

Is there a distinctive look in your pictures?

I believe I have my style, but I can’t tell you what it is. Often people say they could say to a photo that comes from me. Also, I work a lot with the Leica M, and you can tell.

Happy overweight man with swimming shorts running in the desert of Morocco - OCMF00788

How about 2020, do you have anything exciting planned?

There is a bunch of stuff coming up. I am looking forward to a production on “gay pride “that I will share with you once everything comes more together.

Young sportive man doing pushups outdoors - OCMF00776

What was your motivation to work with Westend61?

Everybody is just reliable and easy to work with. Whenever I need anything, everything is just handled very quickly. I am pleased with Westend61, and there is no agency I could compare to you. I am very thankful for having this opportunity.

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