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© Ramón Espelt

As an international photo agency, Westend61 not only offers images from top German photographers, but is also supplied with new material from many international photographers on a daily basis. One of these photographers is Ramón Espelt (39) from Narón, a town in the Northwest region of Spain. His expressive images include diverse topics such as seniors, partnerships, travel and wanderlust.

We asked Ramón how he got his start in photography and where he gets his inspiration for his sought-after images. His story starts at the end of 2006, when Ramón was taking pictures with a 3 megapixel resolution Canon Powershot A410. In a Spanish forum for photography he also began sharing ideas and information with other photographers, and it was at this point that he really developed a passion for the medium. Since then, he’s steadily continued to develop his technique and approach while exploring various facets of photography. In 2012, Ramon became involved with commercial photo production and found his way to stock photography. Two years ago, he found out about Westend61. When he applied to our agency his striking images won us over, and soon afterwards he became one of our photographers.


© Ramón Espelt/Westend61

Create a strong connection to the viewer

A characteristic feature of Ramón’s images is how they create a strong connection to the viewer. His style is highly expressive and demonstrates a particular sensitivity regarding the models portrayed in his subjects. This may be due to the fact that many of his models come from his family and circle of friends, so that there is an already existing sense of trust between the photographer and the models. For Ramón, it’s important for his models to forget they are being photographed, which in turn produces very natural looking and authentic images. Maintaining a good atmosphere during the production is key to accomplishing this. Ramón may do this, for example, by joking with the models during the shoot to elicit and capture a genuine smile. Ramón also attributes the ability to produce good images to his experience as a photographer, his attitude towards his work and his sense of intuition regarding people.


© Ramón Espelt/Westend61

Ramón is inspired by the world around him. For him, almost all everyday situations are suitable for stock photography – it only takes a good eye and knowing how to implement a good idea. Although his portfolio reveals a preference for portraits as well as landscape and travel photography, he has recently been delving into the enormous potential of lifestyle photography. This genre’s great diversity and vast commercial applications have encouraged him to pursue working more in this branch in the future.


© Ramón Espelt/Westend61


Ramón also finds ideas for his images in the regularly released issues of ‘Inspire’, the magazine published exclusively for Westend61 photographers. The publication, which is compiled by our creative research department focusing on market analysis, includes research on photo trends and tips for photo productions. Ramón also keeps in touch with our art directors and creative directors, who provide him with recommendations or constructive criticism to help him continue to grow as a photographer.


Aktuelle Inspire Magazine

Fortified with ideas and inspiration, Ramón goes on to carry out his shoots with a ‘natural flow’. This means that even though certain subjects and images have been planned into the shoot, there will also be enough flexibility to allow for improvisation and a sense of lightness, so that the resulting images possess naturalness and authenticity.


© Ramón Espelt/Westend61

There is a lot to be learned from elderly people

There are many expressive images of senior citizens in Ramón’s portfolio. According to Ramón, older people are often overlooked – as if they don’t even exist, as if the world is only populated by young and beautiful people. Ramón feels that there is a lot to be learned from elderly people. He senses a unique vitality and optimism in seniors, and it’s these qualities which he wishes to capture in his images. This may be one of the reasons why he enjoys working with such models as his grandmother Elisa, a 90 year old woman who is so energetic and optimistic that many younger people might feel envious of her.  Moreover, Ramón believes that seniors as a photographic subject serve to close a certain gap in the market.


© Ramón Espelt/Westend61


© Ramón Espelt/Westend61

He feels he’s valued as both a photographer and a person

Ramón especially appreciates the interpersonal aspect of his working relationship with Westend61. He feels he’s valued as both a photographer and a person, instead of just another number in a catalog. Quick and easy communication, a comprehensively broad access to the commercial market (more than 100 partner agencies worldwide), and the essential keywording of images, which Westend61 provides its photographers, are among the advantages which have convinced Ramón that Westend61 is the ideal place for his images.

By the way: The next time you see an enchanting cat adorning a poster, flyer or book cover, it’s highly probably that the adorable creature was photographed by Ramón. His two cats have been ‘favorite models’ of his for quite some time, and both house cats have even become celebrities in the stock photography world. Ramón cites the reason for this success by simply saying, “I love my cats, and they are a part of my family, a part of my daily life.”


© Ramón Espelt/Westend61

That sums it up quite well. We love his cats, too!

We would like to thank Ramón for the opportunity, to look behind his curtains. Who wants to know even more about him and his work can check out our Instagram Page. Ramón will take it over for 5 days and tell us a few stories about his images.