Westend61 is one of the leading producers and distributors of royalty-free images and stock photos, not only from the areas of lifestyle, digitalization, business, sustainability, but also on socially relevant developments. Each month, together with our more than 600 photographers, we produce thousands of new, creative images in the latest visual language – so that the imagery of our customers’ projects always has its finger on the pulse, as it were.

INSPIRE – Why you should register for our shop

Keeping in line with our high-quality standards, our Creative Department constantly monitors social trends and translates them into visual trends. The insights gained in this process flow directly into our photographer briefings. For special focus topics in stock photography, we develop our INSPIRE magazines, which you can directly download here as a registered user. You don’t even need to make a purchase. The INSPIRE magazines show you what kind of images you can currently use to draw particular attention to your idea.

Will everything remain different?

Naturally the visual language in the new year is dominated by the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, which is why this topic dominates the 2021 Trend Report. In “year one after corona,” we are living in a new normal. Forced isolation has changed the way we interact with and perceive each other. Existential human needs for protection and security, and even for community, are coming to the fore. The megatrends of security, mindfulness, and digitalization are gaining momentum.

Our INSPIRE 2021 provides inspiration for the targeted and tailored illustration of your projects and products.  Within its four chapters, our creative director Martine Praessl provides an outlook on life in the “New Normal,” because the Covid crisis is having a profound impact on all major areas of life. Covid-19 has forced a highly complex, high-speed society, trimmed for permanent growth, to slam on the brakes, so to speak.

Taking advantage of new potential arising from the crisis

The approximately 40-page PDF deals with the direct consequences of the pandemic, such as the retreat into the private sphere or new way of working in the home office, and it even directs our focus toward positive developments such as more “crisis creativity,” “mindfulness,” and “virtual reality.” The report explores the question of what society “after corona” might look like and how we can make greater use of the positive potentials of sustainability and mindfulness, while standing on the “threshold of a new era.” And, of course, in this context, it also deals with existential human needs such as “sensitivity, trust, and security,” which come into focus in the face of the new threat.

Of course, the annual highlights of our worldwide network of photographers are once again used to illustrate the trend report. To further inspire you, we have summarized all the images collected in a Lightbox. We would like to recommend that all our customers – and those who might like to be our customers – download the Trend Report 2021, because this INSPIRE is special. It is an expression and reflection of a very unique situation that, as with most of you, has presented us with unexpected challenges. But the Trend Report 2021 also gives you a confident message to take with you, one that applies not only to photography, but also to life as a whole: “Where there is shadow, there is also light.”